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Norfolk, Walsingham District, Binham, Burials (Parish Register), 1856

The original record is in the care of the NRO, copies may be seen on film at Mormon Church (LDS) record centres

Transcribed by: Carol Wordingham
Date Added: January 26, 2003
Previous Year: 1855
Next Year: 1857

Surname, ForenameAge No. Notes
DAPLYN, Edwardinf

YAXLEY, William1

DALTON, John Robertinf

DAPLYN, Thomas

BIX, Thomas21

PRESS, Elizabethinf


CRAGG, Anna Elizabethinf

BIX, Georgeinf

YOUNGMAN, Henry Bartholomewinf

RIX, Susanna14

YOUNGS, George55

ROBINSON, Robert24

BOARDMAN, William Lane13

IVES, George40

GREEN, Emilyinf

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