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Norfolk, St. Faiths District, Sprowston, Burials (Parish Register), 1900

Document Reference: Parish Records 1721 - 1902

The original register may be viewed at the NRO who also sell fiches of the registers, copies are also available for use at LDS centres. Abbreviations for ages are d = days w = weeks m = months and again, questionable names are (?) replaces unreadable part of name, whether fore or surname: (WALLE?) this is what it looks like, but open to correction. Do be as adventurous in your searching for relatives, as dialect, sounds like, the vicar of the day and present day transcriber 'looks like' can all contribute to umpteen variations.

Transcribed by: Rose French
Date Added: May 24, 2004
Previous Year: 1899
Next Year: 1901

Surname, ForenameAge No. Notes
GALE James71

POTTER Sydney9m

CARR Frederick George2m

SEAMAN Robert52??

of St Faiths

CLARKE Ann Keziah50

of Norwich
DIBDIN Gladys Margery11m

HUBBARD William James68

BLAKE Benjamin John1m

READ John53


NOBBS Beatrice23m

STARLING Henry Edward37

RIX George John3


DUNGER Albert8

BUNTING William George10m

SCALES Harold George17d

ADCOCK Emily85

MORRIS Rebecca72

POINTER Eliza Elizabeth69

STONE Letitia78

of Heigham
CHESTERTON Katherine Alice8m

READ John Frederick1m

WILGRESS Walter Wade3m

SCOTT Dora Leah2m

WILSON Susan77

BURDETT Rebecca50

DICKINSON Charles Henry13m

POYNTER Dundonald1m

SHORTEN George59

STAMP John77

of Heigham Norwich
EKE Charlotte54

REYNOLDS Charlotte10

of New Catton
KING Christiana57

of Lakenham
PALMER James76

of St Faiths

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