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Norfolk, Aylsham District, Buxton, Parish Information, 1732

Document Reference: Note in register mentioning several landholders (feoffees) in parish

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: June 08, 2001

This is a long note written in English by the vicar, Benjamin KNIGHTS. A part of the text is translated into Latin. The Latin text is in poor condition and does not add anything here so 1 have only included the English version which is still quite difficult to read in places.

The paragraphs are my own, to break up the text and hopefully make it easier to read.

"Mr John PICTO vicar of Buxton - by deed of Feofmt dated ye 6 of (Feb?) Anno Domini 1491 gave in two different deeds Eighteen acres of land in twelve pieces lying in Great + Little Houghtebois in Norf.

(Latin text written here).

That is to say to ye yearly payment of ye lete fee of ye town of Buxton (wch is fifteen shillings a year) and ye overplus of ye profits (if there be any) shall be employed towards ye payment of ye ten shillings of our Ld the King when they shall be charged on ye said parish - wch lands were for some time so imployed, but in ye time of Q. Eliz: a complaint was made that they were misimployed upon wch a commission of Charitable asse was taken, grounded upon ye statute of 43 of Eliz: by an inquisition taken - by ye commissioners of Aylesham the 12 of Apr the (…?) of (…?) upon ye oathes of 14 men it was here decreed as follows:

That Nicholas CORKER + John (BRANLY?) the only surviving feoffees for ye said lands shall immediately make a new feoffment to convey ye lands to Robt JEGGON esq, Edwd BEDINGFIELD. jun Gent, The MARSHAM Gent, Peter BRASIER, Oliver JOHNSON, Edward CORKER, Thomas EXHAM James TUCKE + Rogr SUFFIELD - that when and so often as four of ye said feoffees shall depart this life then forthwith ye five survivors shall convey ye lands to themselves + four other persons wch four persons are to be chosen by ye Vicar, Churchwardens, Overseers + Constables of Buxton for ye time being or ye greater number of them + for ye better management of imploying ye profits.

It is further decreed that (…..?) of ye lands shall be for ever imployed so discharged ye leet fee and for ye discharge of ye poore ( ....... ?) of ye inhabitants of Buxton wch shall be ( .... ?)( .... ?) taxed for their subsidy or for their subsidy or for their lands or for ( .... ?)( .... ?)( ... cv..Ies?) (.... ?) any shall happen to be (....... ?) by or other part of ye sd 18d of ye residue (The Lords Rents being deducted which are to Coltishall Manr 20d p an. to Mayton Manr 3d p an. to ye Dean + Chapter of Norwich 14d all wch are free rents the whole land being free hold) shall be distributed yearly for ever towards ye extraordinary Relief of ye poore sort of ye Buxton.
But no ways to free or ease any of ye parishioners of Buxton aforesaid of or in their ordinary Weekly or Monthly Rates for ye relief of ye poor of ye parish of Buxton aforesaid and that a true + particular account shall be publickly + openly made upon Easter Monday in ye afternoon in ye parish church of Buxton every year by ye feoffees + by such persons as from time to time shall have ye stock of ten pounds (more of wch you wffi read hereafter) showing how + in what manner ye rents + profits of ye said lands have been imployed wch accounts shall be yearly entered into ye overseers book with ye hands of ye accountants and other parishioners wch shall be then present + ye same account shall be yearly offered to ye view. Examination + consideration of ye Justices of ye Peace for ye time being of that limit at their next meeting after the making of ye sd accounts.

There are also 12 acres of land in four pieces in ye Wenfield in Coltishall wch were purchased by ye inhabitants of Buxton of one William BASPOOLE (+ are all freehold) with severall sums of money given to ye inhabitants by ye wills of Roger DOCKING, George ROBERTS + John KENT heretofore inhabitants of ye said Town which were vested in ye same persons + settled by ye same decree to ye same uses as ye former. They being settled to ye same uses as ye former when they were purchased.

In ye 16 year of Hen 7th, William STEPHENS gave + conveyed unto Robert NORTHERN clerk 3 roods of land in Buxton with a home thereupon built called Gildhall wch profits of ye said decree are yearly to be implored towards ye extraordinary relief of ve poor of Buxton. Ye (being better in all things as ye former) - There is also one rood of land lying in Gravel Pit Close wch was given by Roger DOCKING the 26 year of Q. Eliz + is settled exactly as aforementioned lands + is freehold.

There is also a stock of ten pounds in money (fife pounds whereof has been thankfully converted to ye purchase of a small house before 1 came to ye living wch I hope will be yet recovered) wch was given by ye said Roger DOCKING to be put out (by ye feoffees, vicar, churchwardens, overseers + Constables for ye time) yearly to young Beginners for ye Interest of wch they shall pay only six shillings eight pence for ye year. 3s 4d whereof to ye Churchwardens for ye care about it, and ye other 3s 4d be imployed +c to ye extraordinary relief of ye poor of Buxton +c ye uses being settled exactly as ye lands above.

There are also 2 acres of land in Buxton field wch in 3rd + 4th of Ph + Mary were given by Ralph ANDERSON an inhabitant of Buxton aforesd. The profits whereof are settled according to his deed of gift by ye same decree to ye following uses, that is that ye rents + profits shall be yearly employed for (such?) ornaments or repairs within ye church of Buxton aforesd by ye consent or order of ye vicar + churchwardens.

All those were settled by ye same decree to ye aforesd uses an are subject in all things as ye first 18 acres and ever since ye decree have been contained in one feofmt. The uses of wch are pursuant to ye decree in wch these words "To have + to hold for ever upon trust nevertheless and to + for ye charitable uses + purposes in ye decree mentioned + for ye severah charitable uses + intents in such manner as is expressed + directed by ye said decree r.lation whertunto being had it dorn. + may more fully appear - these are ye uses of ye present feofment wch was made in ye year 1718 by which Laurence WOMACK clerk, Robert RUMP, Cuthbert CALLOW senr + Robt MATTHEWS then only surviving feoffees infeoffed all ye aforesd premises to ye uses aforesd to ye use of themselves and of Benjamin BEECROFT, Richard WRIGHT, Joseph RUMP, Cuthbert CALLOW junr + Rogr SUFFIELD wch together make ye nine feoffees according to ye decree, 4 of wch nine being now (ad 1732) dead, the others are obliged to choose + prnitt others to be chosen."

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