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Norfolk, Loddon & Clavering District, Aldeby, Parish Information, 1857

Document Reference: Harvest celebrations at Aldeby

Transcribed by: Janelle Penney
Date Added: September 22, 2001

ALDEBY Harvest Home.---After one of the most glorious summers that ever shone over our sea girt land, we have been blest with an abundant harvest. This should be a cause of rejoicing to all, and more especially to the agricultural population of our county. Hitherto that joy has been expressed by the harvestmen in a drunken frolic at the public-house. We are glad to find that an effort has been made in Aldeby to supersede this state of things, and that on Tuesday last, a harvest home was celebrated on the premises of Mr GOWING, of Aldeby Hall. The early part of the day was anything but inviting, but the afternoon was fine, and about 500 persons, of all ages, and both sexes, collected to engage in and witness merry games and rustic sports. At half-past five o'clock tea was provided free of expense to the labourers, their wives, and children above six years of age, a small charge being made for visitors. The premises were most tastefully decorated with flags, banners bearing appropriate mottoes, evergreens and flowers. We understand that the Rev. A. BOYCATT, Mr GOWING, sen., Mr GOWING, jun., Mr Wm [sic] PEARCE, Mr James READ, and others, interested themselves very much in the arrangements. The ladies of Aldeby also entered into the generous work with great spirit. Music and dancing on the green sward were kept up till the merry moonlight -
"We did so laugh the moon shone bright,
Such fun you never knew."

We sincerely hope that other villages will imitate Aldeby, as the harvest home is a great step beyond the present state of things. It ought not to be omitted that a very sensible speech was made by Mr GOWING, sen.; the Rev. A. BOYCATT also delivered an address. Every thing passed off pleasantly and well, and every body was pleased.

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