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Norfolk, Loddon & Clavering District, Seething, Parish Information, 1862

Document Reference: Burglary at home of Mr AUSTENS, George GOODRUM detained

Transcribed by: Janelle Penney
Date Added: January 29, 2002

Beccles & Bungay Weekly News 11 February 1862
Page 4, column 4
From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library.



Forcibly Entering A Dwelling House
George GOODRUM, of Norwich, labourer, was brought up under remand, charged with forcibly entering the dwelling house of Mr Matthew AUSTENS, of Seething, on the night of 28th January.

Mr AUSTENS stated that on the night in question, when in bed, he heard a noise below stairs, at about 11 o'clock. He went down to see what it was. He saw a candle burning on the table, and the bureau drawers were open. On searching the rooms, he found a man concealed behind some clothes in the wash-house. He asked him what he was after there, when the fellow struck him a blow on the forehead. he immediately seized him, and a desperate struggle ensued, which lasted half an hour, before his housekeeper heard them, as she was in bed, and is very deaf. On the old lady hearing the noise, and finding Mr AUSTENS was down, she took a light and went down, and handed him the cutlass, when another struggle took place, and both parties were much cut, and otherwise injured.

Before the housekeeper could get assistance, fortunately, Mr AUSTENS so wounded the prisoner, that he detained him until some of his neighbours arrived to his assistance , when the prisoner was handed over to Police-constable MERSEY, who took him to Loddon Station-house, and Mr PEDGRIFT, surgeon, of Loddon, was called to dress his wounds. Great credit is due to Mr AUSTENS for his courageous conduct, as the struggle must have lasted nearly an hour. Mr AUSTENS is 71 years of age, while the prisoner was only 19. He was fully committed for trial at the next Norwich Assizes.

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