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Norfolk, Loddon & Clavering District, Geldeston, Parish Information, 1862

Document Reference: Annual fete - names mentioend EASTER, KERRICH

Transcribed by: Janelle Penney
Date Added: January 29, 2002

Beccles & Bungay Weekly News 29 July 1862
Page 4, columns 3 & 4
From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library.

Names mentioned: EASTER, KERRICH


School Treat.---Tuesday last, the 22nd July, was a day which had been long and anxiously looked forward to by many of the children belonging to this parish, it being the occasion of the school treat which is annually held in the grounds of Geldeston Hall. The yearly gathering was augmented by the attendance of the children of Heckingham Union House, with their master and mistress.

Two o'clock was fixed for the commencement of the fete, at which hour the children arrived; those from Heckingham being driven in a wagon, (kindly lent by Mr EASTER,) which was gaily decorated with evergreens and flags. Cricket, foot ball, and other out-door games were played with great heartiness by the children during the afternoon, until at five o'clock they were summoned to an abundant repast, consisting of beef sandwiches, plum pudding, cake and tea, superintended by the Misses KERRICH, and which the children with appetite rendered even sharper than usual by exercise, appeared most heartily to enjoy. After tea the games were renewed, races were run; nuts were scrambled for, and those many nameless out-door amusements, of which children are so fond, engaged in during the entire

At half-past nine o'clock the national anthem was sung, cake and beer were distributed, and the children returned to their homes. So ended a day which is truly one of the red letter days of the Geldeston peasant children; its annual recurrence forms the topic of conversation and anticipation during the previous twelvemonths; and the kind exertions of the Misses KERRICH render it one of the pleasantest school feasts in the neighbourhood.

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