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Norfolk, Loddon & Clavering District, Loddon, Parish Information, 1862

Document Reference: Agriculture fair at Loddon - many names mentioned

Transcribed by: Janelle Penney
Date Added: January 29, 2002

Beccles & Bungay Weekly News 21 October 1862
Page 4, columns 3 & 4
From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library


Loddon and Clavering Agricultural Association On last Friday was held the annual meeting at Loddon for awarding prizes to labourers and farm servants, for long servitude , etc and for good ploughing. The weather in the morning was very unpropitious for the ploughing match, which commenced at eight o'clock, and also for the show of stock, which, nevertheless, was a good one, and for which prizes were obtained by Sir Thomas BEAUCHAMP, of Langley Hall; the Rev J. HOLMES, Brooke Hall; --- Kett THOMPSON, Esq., of Brooke, and others, An excellent dinner was served by the landlord of the Swan Inn, to which about 56 poor people
sat down, and which they seemed to enjoy.

After dinner, all adjourned to the National School, where prizes were
given by the Rev J. HOLMES, of Brooke Hall, to the following successful
candidates: -

Class 1.---Agricultural servants, dairy maids, etc, living in the employers'
houses: Hannah BAXTER, Raveningham; Elizabeth BRANCH, Raveningham; Marianne
MINISTER, Geldestone; Elizabeth ROSE, Ellingham; and one other.

Class 2.---Agricultural labourers, not living in employers' houses: James
SMITH, Bergh Apton; James DOE, Chedgrave; Philip GOODS, Ellingham; eleven
years old, four years in the same service, James WALKER, Kirby Cane

Class 3.---Working bailiffs and yardmen: Philip HUMPHREY; Samuel BECKETT,
Bergh Apton; Robert RAY, Loddon.

Class 4.---Team men: - three prizes given.

Class 5.---Labourers not having received relief: - James SUMMONS, Broome, 38
years service on the same farm, and four others.

Class 6.---Labourers with families: George BUCK, Ellingham, and one other.

Class 7.---Tradesmen's servants: George GOOCH, Broome, 15 years old, seven
years' service in the same place, and one other.

[No class 8 listed.]
Class 9.---Journeymen tradesmen: Henry DANIELS, Ellingham; Samuel SMITH,

Class 10.---Widows, single women, and old men, not having had parochial
relief: Two women and one man.

Class 11.---Cottagers for crops, the produce of their own gardens: John
BUCK, potatoes, first prize, Ellingham; James PIGNEY, ditto, second prize,
Ellingham; Samuel SMITH, onions, Ellingham; Richard SAVAGE, swede turnip
seed, Kirby Cane

Class 12.---Shepherds: One man.

[Classes 13 - 16 not listed.]
Class 17.---Children: - 5 shillings to a little girl for having earned money
by serving.

Six prizes were given for ploughing --- John ELLIS, of Langley, was awarded
the first one.

Two lads under 18 [years] of age: --- Henry FAIRHEAD, Ellingham, and William THROWER, Ellingham, were also awarded prizes for good ploughing. We regret that we cannot give the names of all the successful candidates, but they were all called over so rapidly that we could not hear the names and parishes of all. In conclusion, Mr HOLMES addressed a few more words to the assemblage, and then all separated, gratified and pleased at the afternoon's proceedings.

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