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Norfolk, Loddon & Clavering District, Geldeston, Parish Information, 1863

Document Reference: Death by poison - names mentioned: BOGGIS, CHRISTMAS, GILLETT, PRESS

Transcribed by: Janelle Penney
Date Added: March 22, 2002

Beccles & Bungay Weekly News 4 August 1863
Page 4, column 3
From microfilm supplied by the British Library Newspaper Library

Death By Poison.
On Tuesday last no little excitement was caused in this village by the news that a man named John Waters CHRISTMAS, a "pig doctor," had died from the effects of poison. It appears that the deceased had been drinking the previous evening, and had some words with his wife. That on the morning in question he got up early, as was his habit, and that shortly afterwards his wife hearing a noise, partly dressed herself, went downstairs, and found him vomiting in an adjoining outhouse, and on looking, saw that a razor was lying close to him. She returned to dress herself, and while she was gone, a neighbour, hearing the man, went to him, and asked what was the matter with him. He replied that he had taken something that he ought not to have taken.

His wife returned, and, with the neighbour's assistance, put her husband to bed. The Rev D. GILLETT was sent for, and came immediately, with Mr BOGGIS the parish overseer, but, on their arrival, they found the man had fallen from the bed, and struck his temple on the floor, and was quite dead.

On Thursday an inquest was held at the Wherry Inn, before B. PRESS, coroner, when the Jury, after a careful investigation, returned a verdict "That the deceased had met his death by poison, but that there was not sufficient evidence to prove whether he had taken it accidentally or otherwise, nor to show his state of mind at the time."

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