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Norfolk, Erpingham District, Sherringham, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1696

1st extant register containing baptisms, burials and marriages 1670 - 1735. The incumbent failed to record events from 1700 - 1706 although a few baptisms were inserted retrospectively. The original register is in the care of the NRO. The register is not available on fiche, although it is currently on the list for microfilming. The register has been transcribed by Campbell-Erroll, and copies of this transcription are available at the Norfolk Family History Society. This index was prepared from this transcript.

Transcribed by: Keith Drage
Date Added: February 16, 2002
Previous Year: 1695
Next Year: 1697

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
GRICE, ElizabethWill + Rose

WILLIS, WilliamWilliam + Mary

FOY, AnnaJohn + Elizabeth

PEGG, JohnJohn + Allis

DOWNING, RobertHenery + Martha

YAXLEY, ThomasRobt + Jane

MATTHEWS, WilliamRobt + Martha

HINDRIFF, JefferyEdmund + Mary

FRARY, NathlRobt + Frances

JENNYS, WilliamWilliam + Martha

father William JENNYS deceased
COCK, KatherineThomas + Katherine

CATTIN, ElizabethThomas + Elizabeth

BROWN, ModestiaBarson + Tamsin

HOOKE, PhillipRobert + Phillis

CRASK, NathaniellNathaniell + Rose

PARSON, IsaackRobert + Sarah

GREENE, SusannahEdmund + Susannah

ROYALL, ElizabethRobert + Jane

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