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Norfolk, Tunstead & Happing District, Smallburgh, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1793

Document Reference: Parish Registers 1561 - 1863

The original register may be viewed at the NRO who also sell fiches of the registers, copies are also available for use at LDS centres. "This copy of the old Smallburgh Registers was made for Rev. H T Griffith, and left by him to be kept with the other registers for the parish, June 1897, H T Griffith, Smallburgh Rectory" a delightful handwritten copy of the original registers it is too.

Transcribed by: Rose French
Date Added: October 11, 2000
Previous Year: 1792
Next Year: 1794

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
NEAVE (NEVE) JamesNathaniel & Sarah

late BLOOM
SMITH Anne AmisThomas & Mary Anne

late AMIS
HARMER JohnJohn & Lydia

BLACKBOURN MaryWilliam & Martha

KERRISON Anne MariaAdam & Sarah

RICHARDSON JohnJohn & Sarah

PRATT ThomasJohn & Elizabeth

COOPER Mary AnnHenry & Elizabeth

late BATES
ABIGAL Richard JohnsonRicahrd & Mary

JacobAnne ARCHER

LOWE ElizabethWilliam & Sarah

late RUMP
NEAVE CharlotteJohn & Charlotte

PEGGS ElizabethBartholomew & Sarah

WATTS JamesJames & Hannah

COLMAN JosephJohn & Margaret

DIXON Judith NeaveJohn & Judah

late DIXON (I think this should be NEAVE but original entry does say DIXON too)
NEAVE Mary AnneJacob & Elizabeth

late NEAVE
BARBER Anne CharlotteRichard & Phyllis

late KIDD
PRATT MargaretSamuel & Mary

NORGATE MaryMatthew & Sarah


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