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Norfolk, Aylsham District, Aylsham, Musters, 1522

Document Reference: E101/61/16

Taken from a well preserved 98 page document in the custody of the Public Record Office, London. The muster was called as an excuse to assess the value of individual holdings, with a view to later levying a tax, which occurred in 1524. Details of the valuation have also been transcribed separately.

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: July 02, 2000

Surname, ForenameWeapon No. Notes
BAXTER, RichardArcher

ROBBYS, ThomasArcher

BRITCHAM, ThomasArcher

ALENS, JohnArcher

SALMAN, HenryArcher

WHITE, RobartArcher

PALMER, JohnArcher

KEVYN, Thomas*Archer

*Thomas Keyvn junior
TOLWYN, JohnArcher

LAUNDE, ThomasArcher

PRENTO, NicholasArcher

TUCK, AndrewArcher

LAURENCE, GeorgeArcher

BOSTON, RichardArcher

TOLY, NicolasArcher

BASELEY, JohnArcher

YRING, RobartBillman

WYKKET, RobtBillman

CHAMBLAYN, GregoryBillman

WYTHE, JohnBillman

SHREVE, WillamBillman

OK, ThomasBillman

PILLETT, JohnBillman

BRIGHTLEY, JohnBillman

OOKES, ThomasBillman

COOKE, SimondBillman

TOKE, RichardBillman

TOKE, SimondBillman

ELUERED, JohnBillman

FRANNCEYS, ClementBillman

GALTE, XpoferBillman

SMYTHE, ThomasBillman

SALMON, JohnBillman

GAYTON, ThomasBillman

LESTE?, ThomasBillman

BASE, Willam*Billman

Willam Base junior
KEVYN, WillamBillman

GUBBARD, WillamBillman

FREE, ThomasBillman

LEDIS?, WillamBillman

BRADY, WillamBillman

GOOSE, WalterBillman

MARSHAM, ThomasBillman

GALTE, EdmondBillman


*no forename given
LEMMAN, WillamBillman

SERGER, JohnBillman

TOMPSON, RichardBillman

TOMPSON, JohnBillman

BOTTE, Robt*Billman

*Robt Botte junior
TYLAR, WillamBillman

ANDREWS, WillamBillman

RICHARDSON, WillamBillman

BARLYNG, RichardBillman

ORWELL, ThomasBillman

BETTES, John *Billman

*John Bettes, "worstedwen" (worstead weaver)
NEWMAN, RobartBillman

USSHER, HerryBillman

PRYME, RichardBillman

SMYTH, JohnBillman

JEFFREY, RobtBillman

WOODCOK, JeffreyBillman

BRADY, NicholasBillman

BOKKING, ThomasBillman

BARON, WillamBillman

PRYME, JohnBillman

CLAMPE, ThomasBillman

CLAMPE, EdwardBillman

LOKTON, JohnBillman

PURT, John*Billman

*John Purt junior
NORWICH, WillamBillman

RANTE, JohnBillman

SWAN, JohnBillman

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