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Norfolk, Walsingham District, Binham, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1845

The original register is in the care of the NRO, copies may be seen on film at Mormon Church (LDS) centres. These indexes kindly copied by Carol Wordingham from notes supplied by John Ames

Transcribed by: John Ames
Date Added: March 09, 2001
Previous Year: 1844
Next Year: 1846

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
SCOTTER, Martha AnnHenry, Sarah

DALTON, SamuelAbel, Sarah

LAKE, ElizabethSamuel, Susan

DALTON, ElizabethJohn, Sarah Ann

SARTEN, Sarah ElizabethRobert, Sarah

DAPLYN, SusannaWilliam, Mary Ann

JACKSON, RebeccaRobert, Sarah

JACKSON, Fanny LydiaJohn, Fanny

WIETT, ElizabethJohn, Mary

LAKE, SarahHenry, Mary Ann

BIX, JamesAnn

TWIDDY, WilliamJohn, Elizabeth

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