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Norfolk, South Erpingham Hundred, Aylsham, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1760

Aylsham Parish Registers are in the custody of Norfolk Record Office, and may be purchased on fiche from that office. The registers may also be seen at Mormon Church (LDS) Centres. A partial transcript is at the NFHS library. The 19th century registers are written in standard pre-formatted books and on the whole in good condition.

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: April 17, 2001
Previous Year: 1759
Next Year: 1761

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
RICE, JohnThomas + Margaret

BUTLER, RobertWilliam + Anne

FOX, RebeccaFrancis + Mary

BREEZE, SamuelFrances

GREENWOOD, ThomasWillm + Elizabeth

DEEKER?, Thomas SoameJames + Mary

MANN, SarahThomas + Elizabeth

HOLEY?, EdwardGeorge + Anne

BARNES, ElizabethThomas + Elizabeth

LOCKITT, JamesHenery + Elizabeth

SMITH, MaryJoseph + Elizabeth

SMITH, MaryJoseph + Elizabeth

CLARK, ThomasJohn + Mary

SPINK, WilliamWilliam + Sarah

SEILEY, ThomasJohn + Elizabeth

CURTIES, MaryThomas + Anne

ATWOOD, AnneThomas + Anne

CATTEN, FrancesJames + Eliz

BERNARD, MaryThomas + Frances

GIBSON, SamuelSamuel + Anne

SMITH, MaryJohn + Anne

BEAR, TryphanaJohn + Eliz

BIRD, HannahJohn + Sarah

COBOURN, HannahSamuel + Eliz

MATSELL, HannahJohn?? + Mary

ALLEN, SusannahJames + Margaret

SUFFIELD, SusannahRichard + Mary

STONEHAM?, JosephJoseph + Mary

TOMLING, Elizabeth Ellen(....?) + Elizabeth

FITT, RobertRobert + Catherine

HIX, JohnWilliam + Sarah

BOE, JamesJohn + (....?)

WATTS, AnneJohn + Sarah

CHRISTIAN, CharlotteJohn? + Elizabeth

WOODS, Mary(names illegible)

RUDD, WilliamThomas + Mary

FLEGG, ThomasThomas + Jane

BARNES, FrancesRobert + Jane

SPINK, maryPeter + Mary

HERRING, MarthaJames + Martha

SOAME, ElizabethJohn + Sarah

LOCKETT, ThomasWilliam + Elizabeth

BRONSON, WilliamMary


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