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Norfolk, Tunstead & Happing District, Worstead, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1699

The original records are in the care of the NRO, from whom copies may be purchased on fiches. The registers may also be seen on film at Mormon Church (LDS) centres. Most baptisms for 1661 and all of 1660 appear to be missing.

Transcribed by: Geoff Lowe
Date Added: July 15, 2001
Previous Year: 1698
Next Year: 1700

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
PURDY, ElizabethThomas + Elizabeth

LEE, ElizabethWilliam + Margaret

MYHILL, William(parents names missing)

JEKSFORD, JohnJonathan + Elizabeth

LACY, WilliamJohn + Elizabeth

CUBITT, JohnEdmund + Ann

SHORT, JudithRobert + Mary

Robert Short, husbandman
BERNEY, Julyan (dau)William + Mary

William Berney, clerk
MALERS?, BarbaraRichard + Elizabeth

name poss MALOES?
HASELOP, JohnEdmund + Margaret

GARWOOD, ThomasJohn + Mary

RICHES, RobertRobert + Martha

Robert Riches, carpenter
CAR, WilliamRichard + (blank)

Richard Car, weaver
DRAKE, JohnThomas + Elizabeth

SMITH, AnnRichard + Elizabeth

Richard Smith, shoemaker
CRACKNEL, JohnRobert + Amy

WELLS?, ThomasRobert + Margaret

NEWSTEAD, ElizabethThomas + Alice

HUGGIN, ElizabethThomas + Elizabeth

MARTINS, MarthaJohn + Elizabeth

John Martins, Tailor
SAVOURY, LynoelMathew + Elizabeth

CAR, JohnJohn + Phillis?

John Car, grocer
BRIERTON?, SuanWm + Frances

....ARD?, RobertWilliam + Sarah

name poss STEWARD???
HEWIT, JophnJohn + Elizabeth

BARBER, MarthaSamuel + Elizabeth

WHERPIL, ElizabethNicholas + Mary

© Copyright 2001-2017, Andrew Rivett, Geoff Lowe