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Norfolk, Tunstead & Happing District, Tunstead, Marriages (Parish Register), 1876

The original register may be viewed at the NRO who also sell fiche of the registers. Copies can also be viewed at LDS centres. Abbreviations wd = widow, wdr = widower, of full age = of full age. Unless stated otherwise all will be single, of this parish and married by banns. The Church is St Mary's

Transcribed by: Rose French
Date Added: August 18, 2001
Previous Year: 1875
Next Year: 1877

GroomBride No. Notes
HUNT William, 20SELF Jane Mary, 20
FISK Thomas, of full ageCUBITT Mary, of full age
BOOTY William, of full ageMAYES or MOYES Harriet Elizabeth, of full age
CUBITT James, of full ageSELF Hannah, of full age
LAMBERT William, of full ageBALDWIN Mary Ann, of full age
101bride - wid

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