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Norfolk, Swaffham District, Swaffham, War Memorials, WW1

Roll of Honour for men of Swaffham who served in the 1st Word War. It includes, their name, Regt or ship - and if died in service, the date of death and location

Transcribed by: Pat Mason
Date Added: September 20, 2001

Surname, Forename Notes
ALCOCK, EdwinRoyal Field Artillery, 3rd Oct 1917 , France
ALCOCK, SidneyR. Inniskilling, 16th Aug 1917, Ypres
ANCELL, Ernest1st Norfolks, 1st July 1916, France
BARKER, Percy ER. West Kents, 6th Oct 1916, France
BEAN, Stanley9 Norfolks, 3rd April 1917, France
BLOOM, Alfred AArmy Service Corps, 24th Oct 1918, France
BLOYE, HerbertNorfolks, 23rd April 1917, France
BRANCH, EdwardR.F.A, 27th Oct 1918, Mesopotamia
BEWSTER, Charles F10 Lincolns, 21st Oct 1917, France
BRIGHTWELL, Bertie90 Mach Gun Corps, 3rd July 1916, France
BROUGHTON, George150 Machine Gun Corp, 8th Oct 1918, France
BUCK, Christopher PNorthumb. Fus, 27th March 1917, France
BULLARD, William1 London R. Fus, 15th Sept 1916, France
BUNTING , Donald M21 Royal Fus, 24th Nov 1915, France
BANHAM, KarlHMS Actaeon, 19th Feb 1919,
CALVER, ErnestRoyal Sussex, 21st Oct 1916, France
CHRISTOPHERSON Clifford B5 Nks, 28th Aug 1915, Gallipoli
CHAMBERLAIN William CGrenadier Gds, 3rd Nov 1914, France,
COPSEY, Charles6 Dragoon Guards, 26th March 1918, France
DAWSON, Stanley1 Rifle Brigade, 1st Nov 1918, France
DIAPER, FredYorks.
DRAKE, AlexanderR.F.A, 30th Sept 1918, France
EVERITT, Percy6 Royal Fus, 26th Feb 1916, France
FOUNTAIN, Robert2 Norfolks, 15th April 1915, Mesopotamia
FULLER, George1 Royal Fusiliers, 31st July 1917, France
FRANKLIN, H. Thomas5 Norfolks, 28th Aug 1915, Gallipoli
GOUT, Ernest1 Norfolks, 12th July 1915, France
GUYMER, RobertKings Hussars, 2nd Oct 1915,
HEYHOE, William S9 Norfolks, 15th Sept 1916, France
HOWARD, Frank5 Norfolks, 25th April 1917, Gaza
HOWARD, William2 Essex, 28th March 1918, France
HORSLEY, Charles1 Norfolks, 10th July 1917, France
HUDSON, Arthur GLancs Fus, 25th Oct 1918, Devonport
HUDSON, Cecil RR. Fus(City of London), 26th Oct 1917, Belgium
JOHNSON, William2 Norfolks, 3rd Dec 1916, Afion, Karahissar
KEMBERY, JackRifle Brigade, 26th Feb 1917, France
LAKE, GeorgeRifle Brigade, 20th Sept 1917, Belgium
LINFORD, HerbertNorfolks
LONG, George7 Lincolns, 13th July 1916, France
LUSHER, JamesEssex Reg, 19th April 1917, France
MANNING, William5 Norfolks, 28th Aug 1915, Gallipoli
MEDLOCK, JohnHon Artillery Company, 7th Feb 1916, France
MORLEY, John H9 Norfolks, 5th July 1918, Germany
NEALE, John2/5 Norfolks, 27th Sept 1918, France
NICHOLS, Herbert ER. Engineers, 26th June 1916, France
NOKES, RobertH.M.S Indefagigable, 31st May 1916, Jutland
NELSON, Edgar WSherwood Forresters, 28th March 1918, France
OFFORD, E. LawrenceBuffs, 3rd May 1917, France
OXBOROUGH, George WNorfolks, 19th April 1917, Gaza
PAPWORTH, Sidney2 D. of Cornwall L.I, 14th March 1915, France
PARKER, George E1 Essex, 12th Oct 1916, France
PEEK, Maurice2 Norfolks, 22nd April 1917, Mesopotamia
PHILO, John A8 Royal Fusiliers, 31st July 1916, France
POWLEY, Charles H1 Essex, 22nd Nov 1916, France
PRESTON, Philip CNorolks, 15th Oct 1915, France
PRECIOUS, ErnestNorfolks, 6th May 1915, France
RASBARY, RobertNorfolks, 1st July 1916, France
READ, WalterNorfolks, 15th Sept 1915, France
RALLISON, WalterR.G. Artillery, 13th Nov 1915, France
RALLISON, AlbertOxford L. Inf, 27th Feb 1916, Mesopotamia
REEVE, John W12 East Surreys, 14 March 1918, France
REGESTER, GeorgeRifle Brigade, 23rd Feb 1918, Southampton
REGESTER, WilliamCity of London Rifles, 6th July 1917, France
RICHARDSON, Leslie JCivil Service Rifles, 15th Sept 1916, France
SMITH, A. Raymond N130 K.C.O Baluchis J.R, 10th July 1919, India
SMITH, Clifford DNorfolks, 23rd Oct 1915, France
SMITH, Donald GRoyal Fusiliers, 18th Oct 1916, France
SMITH, JosephNorfolks, 9th May 1917, France
SPENCER, ArthurRoyal Engineers, 19th Dec 1916, France
SQUIRES, Robert WRoyal Fus, 19th Aug 1918, France
STERNE, FrankMiddlesex Reg., 28th April 1917, France
STARLING, George2/5 London Reg, 28th July 1918, France
THOMPSON , Herbert W7 Bedfords, 16th Nov 1916, France
THOMPSON, Hubert W5 Norfolks, 20th April 1917, Gaza
TWAITES, Alfred5 Middlesex, 24th Oct 1918, Norwich
TRUNDLE, HerbertR. Marine Light Infantary
TURNER, AlbertOct 1918, France
WARNES, John8 East Surreys, 12th Oct 1917, France
WATTS, William1/5 Norfolks, 19th April 1917, Gaza
WARD, Edward WR.F. Artillery, 24th Oct 1918, France
WARD, Walter7 Bedfords, 10th Nov 1916, France
WARD, Albert HNorfolks, 10th March 1917, France
WEBSTER, C. Reginald1/5 Norfolks, 10th May 1917, Nazareth
WEST, Reginald8 Norfolks, 22nd Oct 1918, France
WEST, Sidney10 Lincolns, 13th April 1918, France
WINTER, ErnestEast Yorks, 4th Nov 1917, France
WOOD, ErnestMiddlesex Reg, 29th Aug 1916, France
WRIGHT, WalterShropshire L. Inf, 9th Aug 1915, France
YOUNG, W.C. Leicester7th Feb 1917, France
YOUNGS, ArthurNorfolks, 1st July 1917, France

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