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Norfolk, Tunstead & Happing District, Barton Turf, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1846

The original records are in the care of the NRO, from whom copies on fiches may be purchased. The registers are also available at Mormon Church (LDS) centres

Transcribed by: Sue Pinkney
Date Added: February 16, 2002
Previous Year: 1845
Next Year: 1847

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
NEAVE, Ann ElizaNorris + Emily
428late RANSOME
COX, SophyRobert + Eleanor
429late PALMER
WRIGHT, HenryWilliam + Ann
430late HAZELL
BALDWIN, HenriettaMatthew + Mary
431late CORK
LOUND, Ann ElizabethRobert + Sarah
432late WRIGHT
DUGDALE, EmilySamuel + Kesiah
433late THORNTON
WATTS, Lydia AnnRobert + Ann
434late COLMAN
WATTS, JamesJohn + Marianne
435late MASON
GILDEN, RebeccaRobert + Susan
436late GRIMES
GILDEN, CharlesRobert + Susan
437late GRIMES
COX, William HenryWilliam + Ann
438late LINES
PALMER, PamelaIsaac + Ann
PLATFORD, John FrancisWilliam Starling + Maria
440late FRANCIS
SHORT, ElizabethJohn + Marianne
441late HEMAN
SHORT, MariaJohn + Marianne
442late HEMAN
CULLEY, Hannah MariaJonathon + Susan
443late COOPER
CULLEY, ElizabethJonathon + Susan
444late COOPER

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