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Norfolk, Henstead District, Ketteringham, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1824

Document Reference: Fiche Numbers Actual Registers - 2&3, Transcripts - 11

I have no idea what the condition of the original registers is, but the microfiche has the complete transcriptions, which are easy to read. The original registers are in the care of the NRO.

Transcribed by: Leonie Smith
Date Added: August 22, 2000
Previous Year: 1823
Next Year: 1825

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
ALDERTON, RobertHenry + Mary
72late Mary ALGAR
SPRUCE, MarianneJohn + Mary
73late Mary LAND
OSBORNE, JohnWilliam + Harriet
74late Harriet ETHERIDGE
IRELAND, WilliamMichael + Elizabeth
75late Elizabeth PARFITT
SMITH, DavidIsaac + Rebekah
76late Rebekah COANE
BEZOR, SusannaSarah
77illegit, father James CLAXTON
DURRANT, ThomasRobert + Lydia
78late Lydia MARSHALL
MUNFORD, CharlesGeorge + Elizabeth
79late Elizabeth NOBBS

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