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Norfolk, Norwich District, Norwich St.Margaret, Baptisms (Parish Register), 1708

The original register is stored in the NRO from whom copies on fiches may be purchased. The registers may also be seen on microfilm at Mormon Church (LDS) centres. This index includes 'strays' from a list of Quaker births in the parish 1701 - 1716 found among the baptisms of 1704/05. Also contributing are two other lists of out of sequence baptisms - one covering entries from 1708 to 1739/40 found between the burials of 1647 and 1653, and another covering entries from 1700 to 1709 found between the baptisms of 1704/05.

Transcribed by: Janelle Penney
Date Added: May 24, 2004
Previous Year: 1707
Next Year: 1709

Surname, ForenameParents No. Notes
PESCOD, JohnEdmund + Hannah

WIGNALL, JohnIsaac + Ann

ALDERTON, ElizabethHenry + Ann

BULLEN, ThomasArthur + Frances

DAVIS, ElizabethJohn + Mary

CORNISH, ThomasThomas + Elizabeth

DYSON, AnnWilliam + Sarah

HOWLETT, JohnElizabeth

BARLOW, OrigenThomas + Martha

SPURREL, AnnNicholas + Susanna

PICKERSGILL, ThomasThomas + Mary

GAWTHORN, SamuelJohn + Mary

SMITH, SarahMary

WHISTLER, ElizabethWilliam + Ann

SMITH, WilliamJohn + Mary

DAWES, JamesJames + Frances

HOBART, JohnRobert + Lydia

HOTT, ElizabethJohn + Elizabeth

MEEK, ElizabethRichard + Elizabeth

SPENCER, ElizabethJohn + Mary


ALDERS, ThomasThomas + Jane

WIGGAR, EdnahHenry + Alice

HARSICKLE, LydiaWilliam + Ann

PEIRCY, MaryIsaac + Susanna

SOUTHGATE, RobartJoshua + Elizebath

From list of Quaker births in the parish. Filed among baptisms 1704 & 1705.
SEAMAN, WilliamRobart + Mary

From list of Quaker births in the parish. Filed among baptisms 1704 & 1705.
RAYNER, DaborahFrancis + Mary

Date of birth but not baptism appears in a list of 'stray' entries ranging from 1708 to 1739 which were inserted on a blank page occuring between the burials of 1647 and 1653.

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