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Parish Listing for 'B'
Norfolk is split into districts. Some parishes have the same or very similar names, but are in different parts of the county. To make sure that you look at the records for the correct parish, we've included the district name in the right hand column, below.

Babingley Freebridge Lynn
Baconsthorpe Erpingham
Bacton Tunstead & Happing
Bagthorpe Docking
Bale Walsingham
Banham Guiltcross
Banningham Aylsham
Barford Forehoe
Barmer Docking
Barney Walsingham
Barnham Broom Forehoe
Barningham Town & Northwood Erpingham
Barsham North Walsingham
Barton Bendish Downham
Barton Turf Tunstead & Happing
Barwick in Brakes Docking
Bastwick (Repps cum Bastwick) Flegg
Bawburgh Forehoe
Bawdeswell Mitford & Launditch
Bawsey Freebridge Lynn
Bayfield Erpingham
Beachamwell Swaffham
Bedingham Loddon & Clavering
Beeston All Saints Mitford & Launditch
Beeston Regis Erpingham
Beeston St. Andrew St. Faiths
Beeston St. Lawrence Tunstead & Happing
Beetley Mitford & Launditch
Beighton Blofield
Belaugh Aylsham
Bessingham Erpingham
Besthorpe Wayland
Bexwell Downham
Billingford Depwade
Billingford Mitford & Launditch
Billockby Flegg
Binham Walsingham
Bintree Mitford & Launditch
Bircham Newton Docking
Bircham Tofts Docking
Bittering Mitford & Launditch
Bixley Henstead
Blakeney Walsingham
Blickling Aylsham
Blo Norton Guiltcross
Blofield Blofield
Bodham Erpingham
Bodney Swaffham
Booton St. Faiths
Boughton Downham
Bowthorpe Forehoe
Bracon Ash Henstead
Bradestone Blofield
Bradfield Tunstead & Happing
Bramerton Henstead
Brampton Aylsham
Brancaster Docking
Brandiston St. Faiths
Brandon Parva Forehoe
Breckles Wayland
Bressingham Guiltcross
Brettenham Thetford
Bridgham Guiltcross
Briningham Walsingham
Brinton Erpingham
Brisley Mitford & Launditch
Briston Erpingham
Brockdish Depwade
Brooke Loddon & Clavering
Broome Loddon & Clavering
Brundall Blofield
Brunstead Tunstead & Happing
Buckenham Ferry Blofield
Buckenham New Guiltcross
Buckenham Old Guiltcross
Buckenham Tofts Swaffham
Bunwell Depwade
Burgh Apton Loddon & Clavering
Burgh next Aylsham Aylsham
Burgh St.Margaret & St.Mary Flegg
Burgh St.Peter Loddon & Clavering
Burlingham St.Andrew Blofield
Burlingham St.Edmund Blofield
Burlingham St.Peter Blofield
Burnham Deepdale Docking
Burnham Norton Docking
Burnham Overy Docking
Burnham Thorpe Docking
Burnham Ulph & Sutton Docking
Burnham Westgate or Market Docking
Burston Depwade
Buxton Aylsham
Bylaugh Mitford & Launditch

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