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Parish Listing for 'S'
Norfolk is split into districts. Some parishes have the same or very similar names, but are in different parts of the county. To make sure that you look at the records for the correct parish, we've included the district name in the right hand column, below.

Saham Toney Swaffham
Salhouse St. Faiths
Salle Aylsham
Salthouse Erpingham
Sandringham Freebridge Lynn
Santon Thetford
Saxlingham Walsingham
Saxlingham Ngt. Henstead
Saxlingham Thorpe Henstead
Saxthorpe Aylsham
Scarning Mitford & Launditch
Sco-Ruston Tunstead & Happing
Scole or Osmondiston Depwade
Scottow Aylsham
Scoulton Wayland
Sculthorpe Walsingham
Sedgeford Docking
Seething Loddon & Clavering
Setchey or Setch Freebridge Lynn
Sharrington Walsingham
Shelfhanger Guiltcross
Shelton Depwade
Shereford Walsingham
Shernbourne Docking
Sherringham Erpingham
Shimpling Depwade
Shingham Swaffham
Shipdham Mitford & Launditch
Shottesham All Saints Henstead
Shottesham SS.Mary & Martin Henstead
Shouldham Downham
Shouldham Thorpe Downham
Shropham Wayland
Sidestrand Erpingham
Sisland Loddon & Clavering
Skeyton Aylsham
Sloley Tunstead & Happing
Smallburgh Tunstead & Happing
Snetterton Wayland
Snettisham Docking
South Repps Erpingham
South Wootton Freebridge Lynn
Southacre Swaffham
Southburgh Mitford & Launditch
Southery Downham
Southwood Blofield
Sparham Mitford & Launditch
Spixworth St. Faiths
Sporle with Palgrave Swaffham
Sprowston St. Faiths
Stalham Tunstead & Happing
Stanfield Mitford & Launditch
Stanford Swaffham
Stanhoe Docking
Staninghall St. Faiths
Starston Depwade
Stibbard Walsingham
Stiffkey Walsingham
Stockton Loddon & Clavering
Stody Erpingham
Stoke Ferry Downham
Stoke Holy Cross Henstead
Stokesby with Herringby Flegg
Stow Bardolph Downham
Stow Bedon Wayland
Stradsett Downham
Stratton St.Mary or L.S.S.M. Depwade
Stratton Strawless Aylsham
Strumpshaw Blofield
Sturston Thetford
Suffield Erpingham
Surlingham Henstead
Sustead Erpingham
Sutton Tunstead & Happing
Swaffham Swaffham
Swafield Tunstead & Happing
Swainsthorpe Henstead
Swannington St. Faiths
Swanton Abbot Aylsham
Swanton Morley Mitford & Launditch
Swanton Novers Walsingham
Swardeston Henstead
Syderstone Docking

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