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Parish Listing for 'W'
Norfolk is split into districts. Some parishes have the same or very similar names, but are in different parts of the county. To make sure that you look at the records for the correct parish, we've included the district name in the right hand column, below.

Wacton Depwade
Walcot Tunstead & Happing
Wallington cum Thorpland Downham
Walpole St.Andrew Wisbech
Walpole St.Peter Wisbech
Walsham North Erpingham
Walsham South Blofield
Walsham St.Lawrence Blofield
Walsham St.Mary Blofield
Walsoken Wisbech
Warham All Saints Walsingham
Warham St.Mary Walsingham
Waterden Docking
Watlington Downham
Watton Wayland
Waxham Tunstead & Happing
Weasenham All Saints or Upper Mitford & Launditch
Weasenham St.Peter or Lower Mitford & Launditch
Weeting with Broomhill Thetford
Welbourne Forehoe
Wellingham Mitford & Launditch
Wells next the Sea Walsingham
Welney Downham
Wendling Mitford & Launditch
Wereham Downham
West Barsham Walsingham
West Beckham Erpingham
West Bilney Freebridge Lynn
West Bradenham Swaffham
West Dereham Downham
West Harling Guiltcross
West Lexham Mitford & Launditch
West Lynn King's Lynn
West Newton Freebridge Lynn
West Rainham Walsingham
West Rudham Docking
West Somerton Flegg
West Thurne Flegg
West Tofts Thetford
West Walton Wisbech
West Winch Freebridge Lynn
West Winterton Flegg
West Wretham Thetford
Westacre Freebridge Lynn
Westfield Mitford & Launditch
Weston Longville St. Faiths
Westwick Tunstead & Happing
Weybourn Erpingham
Wheatacre All Saints Loddon & Clavering
Whinburgh Mitford & Launditch
Whissonsett Mitford & Launditch
Whitlingham Henstead
Whitwell Aylsham
Wickhampton Blofield
Wicklewood Forehoe
Wickmere Aylsham
Wiggenhall St.Germain Downham
Wiggenhall St.Mary Magdalen Downham
Wiggenhall St.Mary the Virgin Downham
Wiggenhall St.Peter Downham
Wighton Walsingham
Wigland Cent.xp. Wisbech
Wilby Guiltcross
Wilton Thetford
Wimbotsham Downham
Winfarthing Guiltcross
Winterton with East Somerton Flegg
Witton Tunstead & Happing
Witton Blofield
Wiveton Walsingham
Wolterton Aylsham
Wolverton Freebridge Lynn
Wood Dalling Aylsham
Wood Norton Aylsham
Woodbastwick Blofield
Woodrising Mitford & Launditch
Woodton Loddon & Clavering
Wormegay Downham
Worstead Tunstead & Happing
Worthing Mitford & Launditch
Wortwell Depwade
Wramplingham Forehoe
Wreningham Henstead
Wretton Downham
Wroxham St. Faiths
Wymondham Forehoe

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